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Book 2

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Sound of the Changeling
Book II
Chapter 1
Instinctively he reached for the magical object around his neck. It was warm to the touch; a torque, intricately  woven with symbols and a fragment of a stone of power set in the middle of it. The stone’s brilliant golden green  light was hidden deliberately underneath a coat of black paint. The torque had been given to him by a Shaman, a tribal  wise man, in a different world into which he had disappeared. It was where his other best friend, Paul Otter, had died  or that’s what everyone, including Peter had believed until recently. Peter had been unable save him. The black torque  had many magical qualities – one of which had allowed Peter to communicate telepathically in the other world, but as he  had found out since, it allowed him to do the same in his world.

With a single thought, ‘Michelle’, Peter’s mind’s eye seemed to separate from his body and he felt as he flew through the  walls, across the land. He had no sensation of hot, nor cold, just a perception of giddy speed through what felt like air  but which didn’t rush past.

The mental journey finally came to a stop in a room similar to his where a blond girl was using a screwdriver to pry open  the clasp of the Book. The blond head shot up as the screwdriver slipped from her hand. It flipped into the air, bounced  several times on the carpet before coming to rest against the far wall, bent. There were several other items wreaked in  the same way, littered about her bedroom. The mess contrasted sharply with his own room, although he’d had nothing to do  with it being tidy.

The image of the girl and her room seemed to be semi-transparent to Peter, and there was a fainter ghost image of his  bedroom; it was one of the properties of the torque that when Peter telepathically called anyone, he was always aware  of the place he was calling from and the final place he had contacted.

There was frustration in her blue eyes as she lifted her hand up to the torque around her neck; identical to the one  Peter wore. In Michelle’s case, although she couldn’t instigate the call, the magical properties of the torque allowed  her to focus more clearly with whoever was trying to contact her telepathically. Of course, it was on the assumption that  the person ‘calling’ wanted to be seen and heard in the first place.
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